The English Language, a Colour Word Compendium

Published at: 2015-08-19

Author(s): Compiler in chief: John B Hutchings, Visiting Professor, School of Design, University of Leeds

Co-compiler: Richard F Gavitt

Editor: M R Pointer, Visiting Professor, School of Design, University of Leeds

The compendium of colour words is an important resource compiling the richness and diversity of English colour language. It runs to some 177,000 words and for the first time is made available for free download to members of our study group.

The compendium is brilliantly indexed and flipping to your theme of choice is simple and easy. It is divided into sections devoted to white, black, red, yellow, green, blue, brown, pink, orange, grey, including violet and indigo with purple. There are also sections devoted to animal colours, metallic colours and racial terms, as well as appearance terms, and a section on patterns and other colour words. A complete bibliography is also included.

A colourful gem for anyone with an interest in colour language.


Copyright © 2015 by John Hutchings

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