NAMING THE COLORS Color names designation from the colorimetric values The French GPEM/PV work revisited

Published at: 2018-02-09

Author(s): Robert Sève

This publication describes a method for assigning a color name to an object whose colorimetric characteristics have been measured. This method concerns the French language and was the subject of a recently published book. The method is the result of an old work published by Afnor, the French standardization organization, work unfortunately obsolete by its colorimetric part. The publication describes the work that has been done for its modernization and to lead to an easy implementation. The text, by presenting some excerpts from the tables and graphs published in the French book, shows the interest of a simple and rigorous method of naming colors. This is a very important subject for which there are very few publications. This is indeed a subject that should interest a large number of users for whom only numerical information on color cannot be sufficient.


Copyright © 2018 by Robert Sève

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