Comunicação com Cores (trans. Communication with colours) by Paula Csillag

Posted on 2016-04-03 - link

The goal of this book is to deepen the understanding of chromatic communication elements that tend to be generalized to human beings with normal eyesight. The term generalized is used in the sense of visual perception elements that work in a similar way to human beings, due to physiological factors. This book was organized according to visual perception Model SENS ORG INT’s structure. This model was devised by the author, presented in the conference and awarded in the 2007 Book of Selected Readings of the North American Association International Visual Literacy Association, with the Editor’s Choice Award, as the best paper presented and submitted. With such a framework, now applied to color, it may be possible to identify parameters for the creation and analysis of images, regarding the efficiency of its communication with colors. Principles here derived may be useful for application in design, advertising, architecture, movies, photography, fashion, packaging and any area that deals with visual communication.

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